Let’s talk poo!

I think i remember reading a meme before i was a Mama about babies poo.. something about how you know you’re a Mum when you’re happy to see a poo, I can’t remember exactly but I’ll try find the meme and attach it at the end of this. Anyway the reason I’m saying this is because I’ve had about two weeks of thinking constantly about poo… Adeline’s poo.

First it was the ‘no poo’. Adeline went 3 days with no poo.. why isn’t there poo I would think? If Thom changed a nappy I’d stop what I was doing and stand over him and pray there was poo. She wasn’t even bothered at this point but I was worried… clearly!

Then it was the horrendous constipation. She would go bright red, her legs would shake and there were so many tears. I’m lucky to have a baby that doesn’t really cry, so when she does it’s always a shock! She would go bright red and make a really painful noise like a scream, I felt helpless. I didn’t get what it was until I changed her nappy and there it was… a tiny poo pellet. I did my googling and I messaged Thom to tell him- Adeline has constipation! If I’m stressing about things like poo for example Thom will always say ‘don’t worry’. Why is it we always worry about these things? When I talk about it now it sounds ridiculous. But I think it’s because we feel like it’s our ‘job’ to make sure they are well and happy!

Well she had about a week of enduring hard painful poos. No joke I had two poo situations I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

One where my husband had just stepped out the door and Adeline is naked , crying and trying to poo. I lifted her legs up and I could see the poo, I tried to help the poo along by pulling it out! It bloody snapped and the other half was still in there but I could see it.

***warning*** if you are a bit squeamish maybe stop reading?

The next poo situated was when I managed to pull a whole bloody poo out of her bum!! No joke it was like a cigar ‘put that in your mouth and smoke it’! Well that was the last straw so it was the doctors for baby A for something to help her.

Lastly: the laxatives.

I’ve never been so happy to see an explosive poo in all my life. ‘Thom Thom look at it!! It’s huge- Yayyyy Adeline’. One after another after another. Even Thom was starting to get excited! I think the other day she did 3 big poos and I was so happy! I think I can now safely say I’ll sleep better. Who have I become? #mumlife

Ps I can’t find that meme so if anyone does let me know! Something about ‘you know your a mum when…*insert poo joke**



  1. Hahahaha oh I do love poo talk!! Glad she’s better babe xxx

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  2. Julie Farrar says:

    Hilarious! Squeamish not screamish x

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