Adeline’s first night away from home.

My baby girl had her very first overnight stay at Thoms parents, as we were going to my best friends surprise 30th! It was an Oscar themed party and it was all very exciting. She had no clue it happening hence the ‘surprise’!

I was feeling all sorts of emotions; nervous, excited, apprehensive. Hours before dropping her off I nearly sacked the whole thing off, but then when she was dropped off, I had a blow dry at the hairdressers and I was actually feeling pretty giddy for the night out and some quality time with my hubby and friends!

Adeline sleeps through now so I knew she wouldn’t be a bit of bother with the Grandparents, but she is currently teething and cutting her bottom teeth so I was more nervous that she would wake up upset and want us(something she has been doing since the teeth have appeared).

Well of course she was absolutely fine and slept 6-6.45 and wasn’t a bit of bother- the legend.

My preconception of a ‘night off’ was YES a sleep in- I didn’t have one I woke up early. I also thought YES I’m going to have the best sleep ever but I woke up vomming at about 2am- is it just me or can anyone else not handle their drink anymore? Just me? Ergh I swear on separate note I must be allergic to alcohol, i don’t even have to drink a lot and I’m sick. I’ve decided I’m quitting drinking, honestly, It makes me feel like absolute dog shite and parenting the next day is like a slow and painful torture. I don’t even think I’ll miss it. After not drinking throughout pregnancy and 6 months after that I’m just not as bothered. I’m pretty crazy without alcohol anyway.

Before the night out Thom tells me ‘have a good time, let your hair down, get on it, i will help out with Adeline and you can chill out Sunday..’ well after his 4th Whiskey shot I knew it was time for me to put the Prosecco down and replace it with a coke but I STILL feel horrendous and end up vomming in the night- I can’t win!

I found it really weird coming home to no baby A. And waking up to no baby A. I had a very different vision of what it might be like. It also makes you realise what life was like pre baby. Well we didn’t know any different back then but this morning everything was so quiet and calm. Not our usually fun, playful mornings and I honestly missed it. Don’t get me wrong I haven’t taken it for granted and laying there this morning with a slamming headache eating toast and having a brew in peace was also pretty bloody nice! I just missed my little morning routine and my happy smily little babe.

Well we are all together now – happy families!

#babydiary #mumdiary

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