The Post Christmas Blues

Don’t you get it? The Post Christmas Blues. That feeling when Christmas is over and it’s back to reality.

Christmas consumes us for months! It takes over our tv, radio, shops, everything! You can’t hide from it. The build up is my favourite.

The shops fill with the sweet sound of Christmas music. Then the Christmas gifts and wrapping. The tasty treats so delicately wrapped, so eye catching you just have to buy them. The restaurants start with their festive menus and winter warmers. The radio stations start playing Christmas songs that fill your car journeys with joy & excitement (well they do me). Your television then starts with Friends Christmas special on repeat and Sky movies start with their Christmas movie selection.

Then the gift buying- my favourite! I love buying gifts for my loved ones and most of all I love wrapping it with beautiful paper and finishing it off with ribbon and bows. My second favourite- the decorating of the house. And this year I had the pleasure of buying and dressing Adeline in the cutest Christmas jumpers, leggings and onesies.

Then it’s the worst part, which is when it’s all over and you have that horrible in- between stage when you don’t want to take your tree & decor down too soon, but for some reason it starts looking messy and it’s just annoying to look at. The radio still plays Christmas music and the shops are going crazy with their super Christmas sales. I went into Next the other day to take something back and it was like the world had ended. No clothes anywhere, a few on the floor, that was about it!

And here we are ”twas the night before the Monday where most people and schools are returning back to work (see what i did there?) You then realise it’s official, for another year!

So for all of you returning back to work tomorrow my heart goes out to you and I hope it isn’t all that bad!

January is always a painful month. All the festivities are over and for the majority of us you’re left skint and fat.

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  1. Julie Farrar says:

    Well said! Roll on next year! xxx


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