The Little Wooden Toy Company – Best Christmas Gift ideas for boys and girls 2020.

I had the amazing opportunity to do a spot of Christmas shopping at The Little Wooden Toy Company. And what a treat it was. If you are anything like me, I always like to research gifts for others and my daughter. When I look for presents I will always look for items that are suitable for her age group, something that reflects her personality and something that is educational whether that means role-play or problem solving .

Quality over Quantity?

Usually before I begin to shop online, I will research high and low for the best gifts, not just for the price (that obviously does come into it, let’s be honest) but I also look for quality over quantity and to realise that children don’t need many toys, they just need good toys. The Little Wooden Toy Company are 100% committed to sourcing out new, traditional and innovative toys and accessories that engage children’s physical and cognitive development. They have curated a collection of beautiful toys that are predominantly handmade with attention to every detail.

Now I will hold my hands up and admit I have bought plastic toys that don’t even last a minute and also hide away in a box, because let’s be honest, plastic toys don’t look that aesthetically pleasing whereas something made from good quality materials i.e. wood and are beautifully decorated with tasteful pastels is worth the extra. I have the gorgeous bistro tea set and now the Bistro Mixing set, along with a wooden kitchen – I have to admit, it all looks rather gorgeous. I even display the toys out in her room because they look THAT GOOD!

Cya later plastic toys, be gone!

I say – gone are the days of filling your house with plastic, we have to do better than that. Teach our children also about what is good for the environment and how to be more sustainable. So this year why not spend a little extra on something that is better for the planet, aesthetically pleasing, looks good in rooms, better quality and of course a little something extra special?

Forget the big stores, shop independent!

This is where The Little Wooden Toy Company comes in. They have it all. I need to also make it clear that i am not being paid to write this, I would never write about something that I didn’t feel passionate about or products that I didn’t generally like. So during this blog I will write about which items I have chosen as my TOP CHRISTMAS PRESENTS from age 18months old. I will share photos and do an honest review for you. Hopefully you will get some ideas for gifts and appreciate how really unique and special this little company is – no need to not hit the big stores this year and perhaps time to shop a little more individual and bespoke for something that is extra special and will last for years.

A Seamless Shopping Experience..

When I entered The Little Wooden Toy Company website I found that it’s extremely clear and obvious what is in each tab. The one that caught my eye was the ‘Brands’. I am a sucker for a branded toy, because cheap toys, do not last. They also have a ‘Collections’ tab so if you’re looking for a certain toy you don’t have to scroll through countless products to find what you’re looking for. It’s what i like to call a seamless shopping experience for parents, which is kinda what we want isn’t it? No one has the time anymore, plus time and hands are not always available! They have selected a special collection that is infused with a sense of style and engages every stage of “the parenting experience”. I personally found the whole experience effortless. I found just what I wanted and each item gave me plenty of detail about the product. If you do have any questions you have they are always available via email and instagram. I have found the customer service excellent. One of the items I wanted for example was out of stock and they replied within 4 hours. Can’t really complain about that can ya?

Delivery Service.

When you order your items you receive an email with an invoice and then after a day or so you receive your DPD tracking. The delivery was super quick and DPD sent me a tracking & 1 hour time slot on the day. I always find couriers a nightmare but this was fine, they were clear on timings, and speedy with delivery.

My Top Christmas Choices for Christmas!

1) Bistro Wooden Mixing Set £45.95

I absolutely LOVE this product. It is so gorgeous, it is well- made, with such attention to detail. I don’t know any child that wouldn’t love to play with this mixing set. The set includes a mixer with mixing bowl, one egg and three packs that look like flour, milk and sugar.

The mixer and the knob can be turned and raised up. Designed in Scandinavia and lovingly hand crafted using the finest wood, this beautiful wooden set is the perfect kitchen accessory for children who love role play. Adeline (my daughter) had so much fun pretending to bake a cake, we especially love the egg concept where you can pretend to crack & open the egg (the yolk comes apart from the shell) very cute and very clever. I feel like the Kids Concept (the brand) really think about every attention to detail which make the experience even funner and realistic for the child.

The age is recommendation for this toy is 3+ but my daughter is 2 and a half and manages perfectly well with this toy. An absolute winner for this Christmas i say!

2) Xylopone Plywood Toy £24.95

I come from quite a musical family. We have all played musical instruments before and love the joy it brings, it’s a huge part of our life and what child doesn’t love to enjoy music, especially when it means making it themselves? Adeline loves to get the stick and bash it against the instrument to hear what sounds it makes. It makes her so happy and she really enjoys playing with this beautiful Xylophone.

It’s beautifully hand-made and will provide hours of musical fun for your little ones, as they explore different sounds and rhythm. Musical instruments are a great way to develop hand-eye coordination. I think it’s a perfect gift for an aspiring musician. From age 18months+. We love this item and i think it’s a Christmas must have!

3) Baby Pram with Bedding (sold separately) £103.95/Bedding £28.95

This is the the winner in our house. This pram is an absolute treasure.  It is made entirely of wood, with the exception of the tiny tires on the wheels. I am so excited to give this to Adeline for Christmas. It is the WOW of all prams.

We have a small pram already but Adeline’s baby doesn’t fit in properly, and the wheels don’t turn. This is like a step up from any toy pram i’ve seen and the cutest!

It is made by a company called ‘Ooh Noo’ and the care and attention to detail put into creating this pram is obvious. As i mentioned before about toys looking aesthetically pleasing, this hits the nail on the head and it is one of those rare toys that delivers on both in style and functionality.

It is so fun to play with as well as fitting in with your home decor. It is appropriate for all of her dolls, including stuffed toys! Adeline literally throws in as many as she can and feels like a proper ‘big girl’ with her ‘posh pram’. An absolute upgrade from her small plastic pram.

Pair it with their beautiful ladybird tiny blanket and pillow, and you have yourself the cutest little bed on wheels ever seen that your child will treasure for years!

So there you have it, if you’re looking for a beautiful, sustainable and special gift this Christmas then look no further The Little Wooden Toy Company have it all.

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  1. Afua Downes says:

    Great ideas for Christmas gifts! Thank you!


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