Life Changes Pending..

To begin with.. Hello! It’s me… wow it’s been a LONG time and I bet I said the same introduction on my last blog post. Truth is, life’s been crazy, crazy busy, crazy fun, just crazy! There’s never any time to blog, but I feel since I won the Yorkshire Blogger 2021 award (JUST FYI-Continue reading “Life Changes Pending..”

Milestones (the second time round).

I don’t know what it is about the second time round, maybe it’s the not knowing whether you can convince your Husband to having another baby (I definitely could!) or just because, you realise everything really does go so fast, just like everyone warns you- “Oh it goes so fast”. IT REALLY DOES. Watching yourContinue reading “Milestones (the second time round).”

Social Media- What is real anymore?

I’ve started to write this sentence for the 4th time now, I keep deleting it and if I’m honest I’m actually struggling with how to begin,where to start, and how to explain/ express what i’m feeling and thinking. Let’s start from the beginning as that may be the easiest place to start (see what IContinue reading “Social Media- What is real anymore?”

A Different Christmas.

Another year done! Why is it Christmas just flies by? There’s so much prep towards it and then boom it’s done. I think I’ve realised that I actually prefer the build up. It’s been a nice distraction this year from all the craziness. Usually I get so depressed at this time of year, once theContinue reading “A Different Christmas.”

Potty Training 2.0

Hey guys! You must be reading this blog post because you’re about to, or thinking about starting Potty training. I thought I would write about our experience and discuss some important key talking points to do with Potty training. I will talk about; The signs, the preparation, the equipment, the task in hand, regression, patienceContinue reading “Potty Training 2.0”

The Little Wooden Toy Company – Best Christmas Gift ideas for boys and girls 2020.

I had the amazing opportunity to do a spot of Christmas shopping at The Little Wooden Toy Company. And what a treat it was. If you are anything like me, I always like to research gifts for others and my daughter. When I look for presents I will always look for items that are suitableContinue reading “The Little Wooden Toy Company – Best Christmas Gift ideas for boys and girls 2020.”

The Little Wooden Toy Company

I had the pleasure of working with The Wooden Toy Company! I chose this beautiful wooden tea set which is the perfect accessory for any tea party at your place and great for inspiring pretend play. I knew Adeline would love this and boy does she! It’s probably the nicest tea set I’ve ever seen.Continue reading “The Little Wooden Toy Company”