Big girls room!

So tonight was THE night. Adeline is going into her own big girls room. She is turning 7 months next week and myself and Thom know it’s gotta’ be done. We both actually haven’t wanted to put her in her own room yet. Especially Thom, which surprised me! I’ve had the attitude that I know we have to do it and now she’s managing to sleep 6-6 it’s probably the right time to do it. Thom just says he will miss her. We do love having her with us, before bed and first thing in the morning. Her little noises, holding hands in the night. It really does feel like a huge deal.

Adeline sleeps with a Sleepyhead and always has, before the Sleepyhead she would wake up all the time so we decided to save the hassle and change her routine so we got her the Sleepyhead Grande. So tonight we did her usual bedtime routine but upstairs in her bedroom (Adeline’s bedroom is an attic bedroom) which is also another reason why we have delayed her move. The little angel went down fine, which i knew she would because one of the positives I’ve found with the Sleepyhead is she will sleep wherever if she’s in it as it’s familiar to her. The big test will be tonight. I am worried, I don’t like the idea of her waking up and realising we aren’t there and her feeling scared and lonely. It’s easy when she’s next to you, if she wakes up for her dummy or a feed or just needing the re assurance we are there! I’m expecting a sleepless or interrupted sleep at least tonight. It will be so weird not having her attached to my bed, not being able to put my hand out and hold her- yes I need to get a grip I KNOW.

I came downstairs after getting her to bed and Thom asked if I was ok… I said ye I’m fine! Then he started to sort out our bedroom. He said shall I move her bed and I said he may as well as she won’t be going back in it. And when he did I just burst into tears! Very un- expectedly as he even said are you emotional and I said no, I’m fine! We did laugh though, I was hysterically crying but also laughing. Probably because I knew how ridiculous I was being. Although Thom did admit he was feeling emotional as well. What are we like!

Anyway wish us luck. I can’t even believe how fast she is growing. It only seems moments ago she was born. And now she’s upstairs in her own room!


  1. Julie Farrar says:

    I’m crying reading this! You’re both so fabulous with Adeline. This is a milestone for the three of you and of course you’re emotional, because you love her so much. Why do you think Mums’ and Dads’ cry at their daughters ‘ wedding? .( except me ☺️) … it’s another major milestone in our lives. 😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw maaaaaa! Sobbing I was! Love you xxxxx


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