Christmas Cheer!

Well Christmas has official begun! Why today? Because my hard-working Husband has finished work for two whole weeks & we go on holiday tomorrow!

One whole weeks with our family in a gorgeous cottage in the Yorkshire Dales. I am so giddy! For years I have wanted to go away for Christmas as a family and it’s finally happening. It doesn’t happen regularly having the Farrar’s (me, Mum, Dad, brother) all together on Christmas so I’m especially excited for that. Who knows when it will happen again!

I am just putting my feet up after a hectic packing sesh, I am feeling a little flustered if I’m honest, but the Prosecco and pizza on the way is helping. Have I ever mention packing for holidays

I try to make it easier and have a pre-made list so every time we go away anywhere I can just refer to it. But this time because it’s Christmas and we are all together for it (both set of parents, us , brother and his wife), of course we have sacks and sacks and I mean sacks of presents. Not to mention the suitcases of clothes, Sleepy Head and baby stuff in general. Thank god Bonnie lady (our dog) is going with the in-laws as she would be on the roof!

Our poor BMW 1 series can’t cope anymore! I need either a roof rack or a trailer or maybe just a new car?

Tomorrow is going to be so funny, if only you could watch myself and Thom trying to figure out what should go where. I can see it now. We have already been discussing the logistics and if the pram would be better in the front or the back. I bet there’s an argument of some sort. Who doesn’t have an argument with a loved one before a holiday? I mean we always do, over something, always before a holiday. Not in a horrible way in a funny Gavin and Stacy kinda way. I think you do it through excitement and anticipation, it all just comes out in anger towards a loved one. My Dad is the worst one for it (another one of those quirky Farrar traits).

So one week away in a gorgeous cottage. Our first Christmas all-together with our gorgeous daughter Adeline. I honestly cannot tell you how excited I am for Christmas this year. Those who know me know I LOVE Christmas. I start counting down from September pretty much. Thom always tells me i can’t get excited until after bonfire night. Sod that, all my Christmas shopping is usually done by Bonfire Night. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being excited about Christmas. At least this year I didn’t get the tree in November (that’s only because when I did, it was dead by Christmas Day).

So this year with baby A here it’s even more exciting! And i think i’m even starting to bring Thom to my level of love/excitement for Christmas. When we first met he wasn’t that bothered, partly because he didn’t have Christmas traditions like we do, or any siblings to annoy. Well when we first met I knew that was all about to change. Just like he had never watched Harry Potter before we met and now he’s a super fan like me!

I cannot wait to eat what i want, drink what I want. Laugh loads (because when I’m with my Family that’s all I seem to do), play board games, watch crappy Christmas tv, go for lovely dog walks, sit in cosy pubs… but mostly what I’m really excited about is making even more special memories with my Husband and baby girl.

I know Adeline isn’t going to remember Christmas this year. And for the first few years of her life she won’t remember much. But WE WILL! And I want to make the best memories by having the best adventures. I want to start the traditions now and have the best Christmas/Christmases forever and always.

I feel extremely lucky and fortunate to have what I have and I count myself lucky every single day.

I hope those reading my blog, whatever you’re doing for Christmas and whoever you’re spending it with, have the best day ever.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year ya’ filthy animals!

Love The Bones


  1. effigyskirl says:

    Best wishes for 2019


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