Planning a holiday with a baby…

So it’s 7 weeks until our first proper holiday with Baby A. What should we expect? Well we went away for a weekend about a month ago and that ended in me calling 111 (don’t ask).

What I learnt on the last trip which I will take away with me on this next trip;

  1. Be prepared for your plan/itinerary to change with a baby – so chill out relax and go with the flow.. or go with your baby’s flow.
  1. She might have good days and bad days- hell I do!
  1. It isn’t going to be how it used to be with just the two of us.
  1. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.
  1. Take a deep breath.

The plan

We are road tripping around Scotland for Thom’s 30th birthday. We always said we wanted to be those parents that carry on doing what we love – travel, explore and go on adventures, something we are both super passionate about.

Thom loves to plan the trips and I love to blog about it- in the form of photos or now I’ve found my voice writing about it!

The trip

We are going to; Glasgow (2days) > Loch Lomond > Glencoe > Fort William > Isle of Skye (2 days) > Loch Ness (1 day) > Edinburgh (2 days) #travellingscotland #travelscotland #arewecrazy #travellingwithababy

The only thing we have booked so far is a Harry Potter walking tour (if you read my first blog post, you’ll remember I’m kind of a fan).

So fellow bloggers and fellow parents, any suggestions for Scotland and travelling with a newborn baby I welcome you with open arms (Stop smirking).

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