Feeling guilty

So anyone who knows me, knows how much Bonnie (my beautiful Cocker Spaniel) means to me. Everyone warned me when the baby is here Bonnie will be second best. And I hate to admit it and I feel guilty saying it, but it’s true. Not so much second best because she will always be my ‘first born’ and second best sounds awful- but more like not my main priority at the moment.

Bonnie has been our number 1 fur baby for nearly 6 years. We have had the best adventures, holidays, cuddles and always looked out for each other- (now I sound like she’s passed) she’s very much still alive and full of energy!

People were right.. it IS hard having a baby and a dog. Or as my best friend pointed out yesterday (as we discussed this) not just a dog a spaniel- full of energy, hyper & needy. I feel less bad saying this because people always say.. “ how is it with the dog” so I can’t be the only one to ever think this.

I feel guilty when I shout at Bonnie because she’s barked (more like a high pitch shriel) and it’s usually at a car door or the postman (she had a tendency to do this) and it scares the crap out of Adeline who is snoozing peacefully which then causes her to be hysterical.

I feel guilty that I can’t cuddle her on the sofa all the time because I’m usually cuddling Adeline. I do take her out 2-3 times a day which is great for all of us as a family to bond. And I feel guilty for feeling like this. I think Bonnie understands though, I like to think she does. When Adeline is older I believe they’ll both be the best of friends.

This week Adeline was upstairs practising her solo cot day time napping and this was the perfect opportunity to play with Bonnie and have a snuggle with her just like the olden days.

Bonnie if you could read this or understand the human language I would tell you how much I love you and even when I shout at you and get annoyed I still love you. I’ll never forget how much you looked after me during pregnancy and I promise I’ll try cuddle you more and shout less


  1. Bonnie lady is laid on me whilst I read this! She loves you dearly. It made me cry a little bit! Hehe xxx

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    1. Aw it made my mum & Thom cry as well!

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