Toddler tantrums!

Well f**** me. I once read a book that said ‘there’s no such thing as terrible twos’ well. I know what I think to that…

So let me catch you up. I was living at my mother in laws for over a fortnight whilst we waited for our new house and it’s been.. well.. eventful, interesting.. I can think of a polite way of saying HARD. I guess it’s better than being homeless and we didn’t have any other choice if we wanted to keep our buyer happy (which I heard she hasn’t even moved into our house that we sold her).

So we were, living with the in-laws and dealing with the terrible tantrums- maybe we could call them that if apparently the terrible twos isn’t a thing. I can’t remember what book i read that in, if I had to guess I’m going to say Gina Ford- sounds like something she might say.

The Tantrums

So have you ever seen a Mother trying to deal with their child whilst they are screaming & crying, the endless stream of snot coming down their face (the child that is) The Mother looking sweaty and exasperated. Well if you were in Otley the other day you may of seen me, sweaty top lip, frantically trying to get Adeline across the bridge, the stand off and then the classic over the shoulder whilst Adeline screams. Honestly, no one, I repeat NO ONE can prepare you for that. It came out of nowhere. At one point I thought, shit what do I do!

How to deal with it?

So I’m on about tantrum 10 and I’m still learning how to deal with it. And I’m no expert but I am a sucker for reading books and as it was happening my little brain was going through the pages I’d read ticking off each one. (some may not of appeared in any books).

◦ Ignore them- didn’t work. ‘Cya Adeline I’m going now BYEEEE’. I was left with a blank expression and almost a wave off!

◦ Calmly ask if she’s ok and try and understand. This method works only at the end of the screams and ultimate anger!

◦ Ride the fucker out. Then retreat to explaining what she did wrong and help her understand

Now there was a point where I got angry and cross and that back fired for sure. So it is true stay calm!

I actually think i’m starting to get the hang of it – Adeline now hates getting dressed & or nappy change so everyday we have an ‘episode’ and the key seemed to be distraction before it escalates and also pick your fights!

I know they can’t help it and they don’t understand, it’s definitely a test for us all on how we cope with such moments. Adeline is very strong willed and fierce and once she blows she blows… sounds kind of familiar actually.


  1. MrsMacdaddy_ says:

    Oh not forward to this! ‘Ride the fucker out’ 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Isabel Metcalfe says:

    Ha ha OMG Adeline!! Deffo ride the fucker out and let them get on with it lol. Smashing it Mama Bone! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. afuadownes says:

    Eeek this sounds like very testing times!! Well done!!xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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