Pregnancy number 2- the first 12 weeks.

So I always think the first 12 weeks are one of the hardest & so much so because you have to keep it secret from everyone when you feel at your worst!

I didn’t blog during my pregnancy last time which I regretted, because I enjoyed blogging after birth so much! So, as soon as I found out, I started making notes about how I was feeling etc. And here we are! Better late then never. So if you’re interested read ahead…it has taken me ages to get this blog together mainly because I’m so busy with moving into our new house & juggling that with being a Mama to Adeline & crazy Bonnie lady (spaniel).

What you should know- quick recap

My last pregnancy wasn’t easy, it was actually really hard and really shit. I had severe sickness & then severe SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) i was off work for months and at its worse i was in a wheelchair. I had Pysio half way and managed to manage with just crutches by the end. Everyone kept telling me that once you’ve given birth, it goes instantly- that’s bollocks. It took my body so long to fully recover. May I point out I am hyper mobile which means you can be more prone to problems in the pelvis/ hip area. So I was really nervous to put my body through it all over again but we wanted Adeline to have a sibling and it’s all worth it in the end. Right?

SIDE NOTE: Please don’t think for one minute that i am not grateful to even be able to get pregnant & carry a child because believe me i am. It breaks my heart to know that it doesn’t come so easy to some people. I am extremely lucky to be able to conceive and carry a heathy baby but my body does struggle in other ways. I had to say the Side note because i don’t want you to think that I don’t realise that- I hate complaining and bitching about pregnancy because for those of us who can, we know we are incredibly lucky- just wanted to clear that up before anyone thought I was being ungrateful.

The first 12 weeks

So the first 12 weeks- the secret stage but also one of the hardest stages. You’re pregnant, feeling your worst, looking your worse but your lips are sealed until you get the all clear that your baby is safe and happy. I was very nervous (as you can image) with regards to my sickness but i did do some research and my research summarised that you should get on sickness tablets as soon as you find out you are pregnant and HALLULAH that i did because i can count on one hand how many times I’ve been sick and I’m now 15 weeks. In the beginning I did feel nauseous 99 precent of the time but even that is getting better (as long as I take the pills) if I miss a pill I soon know about it- so it does show how much effective they are! I totally forgot about the lack of going to the toilet (if you know what I mean) my record was 5 days. Oh and i also never felt tiredness like it and you don’t have the luxury to nap the second time around do ya? It’s all about sucking it up and getting on with it! It does make the whole 12 weeks fly though where as i remember it dragging so much last time.

 More about the first 12 weeks

So as I was saying it is going so much quicker this time, probably because i don’t have time to really think about it as I’m busy with Adeline and also moving house. I haven’t even taking a bump picture yet- something i need to do as i loved my bump week by week pics! I had a scan reassurance at 9 weeks because who can wait 12 weeks? Plus I knew Thom wouldn’t be able to attend my nhs one- #covid. So the gender scan is tomorrow, I couldn’t wait 5 weeks- and again Thom missed out on the 12 week scan so we booked an early one! We are already convinced we are having a girl as the pregnancy is very similar to my previous. And the scan looked weirdly like Adeline’s. We have a tonne of girl names and zero boys so fingers crossed a girl!


So my last pregnancy i didn’t have the luxury of cravings because i lived on toast. This time round I’ve had all sorts of food cravings. Here is just a few.

  • Mcdonalds- i think i had 3 in one week.
  • Lemons and sour foods in general.
  • Ice cream
  • CURRY- may i add from my last pregnancy i went off all meat and didn’t touch curry for a year after i vomited up a 3 course indian we had. My husband didn’t let me see this craving through as he said i may regret it.
  • Callipo ice lollies – mmmmmm refreshing
  • Veggie sushi
  • Puddings in general

Loving food this pregnancy I think the only problem is I’m going to be packing in the pounds! I’m staying away from the scales this time round- what’s the point?

SPD – I hate you

I’ve had a bit of an spd scare since week 9 and my midwife has already referred me. Those of you have had experienced the pain of SPD you will get me, for those of you haven’t just image a burning hot knife stabbing your groin/vagina every time you move. Or even when you don’t move! I’m hoping I can get it sorted quicker than last time because I’m not sure how I would cope with not being able to move & looking after Adeline. I’ve currently just been sent Pysio exercises due to covid so let’s just hope they help. It’s so annoying but again i feel like I’m managing with the pain more, mainly because I have no choice.

The news is out!

So we literally moved house two weeks ago and didn’t get the chance to ‘tell the world’ or should I say ‘baby announcement on social media’. So at 13 weeks plus I did it and it was really lovely to have so many congratulations. Makes it more real! Plus I can stop bumping into people with the worry of them thinking how much lockdown weight I’ve gained! Seriously though I look 20 weeks plus pregnant already and I’m only 15 next week! It’s true you do pop quicker the second time round.

Here’s our announcement pic!

I will keep blogging & updating you on pregnancy with a toddler but as I’ve mentioned before I only really write these blogs for us (the family), so we have a little diary of our life which I think will be really fun to look back on in years & also for Adeline too. I’m not even sure anyone really reads it? But if you do- drop me a comment i’d love to hear from you!

My curry is currently burning so I’m going to skedaddle!


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