A quick realisation

I realise I haven’t done a blog in such a long time, and that is bad form from me. It’s something I’ve enjoyed doing in the past, and as I’ve expressed before it’s also a release for me. I think we all could do with a little release during this shit storm right? I haven’t done it on purpose, the whole world is currently going through a pandemic, I’m on lockdown with my 2 year old & a crazy spaniel. If I have time to do anything it’s sitting on my arse, binge watching something on Netflix (currently Gossip Girl) with a strong coffee. There has been times in my rest hour where I’ve attempted to put ‘pen to paper’ many times, I have lots to say, lots of ideas on what I could write about, I’ve even started writing and then stopped because I found it all pretty over-whelming and I’ve also struggled with the words- until now.

Social media has its positives

I’ve found Instagram a really good forum throughout Lockdown to meet some equally like minded parents as myself (if I do say so) and I’ve met so many amazing people. I feel like not only do I have my friends and family to go to for advice but a little bubble of supportive parents online also.

I don’t know about you but lockdown with a toddler/child has its challenges. I find myself second guessing my parenting skills all the time and thinking is it right? Am I doing it wrong? I think we are on week 9 now I’ve honestly lost count and the novelty of saying ‘oh look week 7’ soon wore off. My enthusiasm for searching Pinterest for craft ideas has also gone. No one can keep it up this long. NO ONE. So going back to second guessing my parenting skills as I started to go on a tangent. Just yesterday I was stressing over how much TV time I should be giving Adeline or why she suddenly (after being such a good sleeper) is now waking up so early and also insisting out of the blue to have her hand held on a night (let me point out if we don’t do this she is hysterical)- is it something I’m doing wrong?

I never used to second guess myself or even wonder whether I was doing a good job, but suddenly I am.

Lockdown has done some strange things to my confidence. I’ve had a word with myself, my bubble, friends & Mama and I’m feeling reassured and less like I’m losing my shit.

Anyone else been feeling the same? Like you’re over thinking everything? If so, I can assure you we are all smashing it and all children go through phases. Adeline’s obsession over Peppa Pig will probably be a new obsession next week. And when lockdown is over she will just adapt to life just as she has adapted to the current one. Children are smart and extremely adaptable and I believe during the pandemic, are probably holding it together better than most adults. I am enjoying every moment I get to spend with Adeline, and unless we have another Pandemic waiting for us, most of us will never get this opportunity again.

As a family we are closer, stronger and more appreciative of the little things, because actually they’re the big things that matter most. 🤍🌿

What’s next…

My next blog idea is in the pipeline but I’m thinking of writing down 10 things I’ve learnt through lockdown life. Sound good?

Let’s connect- Instagram: Lottielot13

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