A fear of the beach

Last weekend we went for a day out at Robin Hoods Bay for my Dad’s birthday. I literally love it there. If you’ve been you’ll know, gorgeous little shops, beautiful cobbled streets, a big beach (dog friendly may i add). All you need is nice weather and we were lucky to get it!

We borrowed my friends baby carrier because it’s quite hilly and cobbled everywhere, so a pram isn’t ideal. Plus, have you ever tried pushing a pram on sand.. we have.. it’s hard- plus the sand in the wheels is a bitch to get out and then the sand in the car from the wheels is even harder! Ok enough about the sand but it does bring me onto my next subject.

The sun was out- the children were paddling, it was a glorious day. SUN,SEA AND…. SAND. Now if I’m honest, I bloody hate the sand. I was totally freaking out! I’d like to paint you a picture of a wonderful relaxing day at the beach that afternoon.

One small travel towel between 4. I’m trying my hardest not to touch the sand but also wanting Adeline to have fun digging in the sand and playing, but I can’t lie- i kinda hated it. Adeline was covered in sand, mouth, bum, toes you name it. Crawling all over me, standing on me. It didn’t help having Bonnie (our dog) there either who kept bringing back crap from the sea and wetting the only one tiny travel towel we had.

I don’t want to give Adeline a complex, so I had to ride with it and show no fear. My husband would probably disagree with the showing no fear. But I did my best. My Mum then dropped it on me that I’ve always hated the sand. Now she tells me! I thought I was a weirdo who had suddenly decided sand is not my thing. So I have a husband who has a phobia of deep water and I hate the sand. Haha sorry Adeline!

We weren’t prepared error 1. We only had a rolled up travel towel between 4 of us. No spare clothes. The people next to us had bloody everything! Even one of those privacy screens! It wasn’t just the beach we went for so we didn’t exactly pack for it, but I really wanted Adeline to feel the warm sand and the cold water between her tootsies and she did love it. Next time I’ll go all out towels, chairs, beach toys, change of clothes. I’ll be ready!


  1. Isabel Metcalfe says:

    Sand is a bastard with kids isn’t it… top tip number 1, take talc!!!! Cover them in talc and the sand brushes off like a dream and doesn’t scratch them and all they’re clean as a whistle and dry-boom! Plus they smell nice ha ha xx


    1. OMG good one izzy!!!!!!


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