The 4 Day Cleanse

So I had an idea. It was simple. Come off all social media for 7 days. I am writing this because clearly I’ve failed as it’s only Thursday ( I blame my husband!) He’s on two work events this week tonight and tomorrow so that leaves me alone & bored once Adeline’s has gone to bed.

Why did I bother I hear you ask.. because I feel like in this day an age we all spend so much time focusing on what’s going on it other peoples life’s, or showing the world what we are doing and less time living for the moment.

I tell you what though, besides failing on day 4. I didn’t find it that hard! It’s definitely more of a habit going online and pointlessly scrolling. I have learnt from my cleanse that I don’t need to wake up and go on my phone first thing, I don’t need to quickly check before I go to bed either. I also don’t need to scroll and scroll endlessly, If I’m out at a cafe and yes the breakfast looks epic- I don’t need to instagram it every-time- It’s all habit. I love putting stuff up about Adeline that’s mostly all I use Instagram for, that and having a huge parenting support group (friends, friends of friends and strangers!) I’m not saying it’s bad I’m honestly not, I’m not bitching about social media either , my god I needed it throughout pregnancy and when she arrived! I’ve had so much support and advice and hopefully I’ve helped others as well. So it does have its positives.

I just wanted to give it a go. I’m sure everyone does it where you’re sat on the sofa with your other half and 30 mins have passed and you haven’t said a word to each other because you’ve been busy on your phone.

During the cleanse I found myself instead of going on my phone relaxing more… like proper relaxing. Sometimes I just did more house work.. or when Thom was home and bathing Adeline I read a bit of my book. It was small changes like this which is when I realised the amount of short time spent/wasted on it. I did feel liberated though. I felt free, I didn’t feel like I needed to check my phone, look what’s happening, take a picture. Isn’t it strange what social media does to your life.

I do feel like a 4 day cleanse was enough time for me to set out to do what I wanted to achieve (which was to realise that I don’t need to be on it all the time).I will be setting a 2 hour limit from now on and have no phones on an evening. I also will sit in a cafe with gorgeous food and eat it as soon as it’s out in front of me instead of reaching for me phone (I mean unless it’s REALLY AMAZING) But I will be posting photos constantly of my family because I’m super proud of them and I want to show them off- who doesn’t!

#socialmedia #socialmediacleanse

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