Adeline’s first birthday!

Adeline’s birthday party

As Adeline fell asleep last night in her cot clutching her rabbit and giraffe i just stared at my newly 1 year old baby girl and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. A cheeky tear came rolling down my cheek. I’m not sure why? All day all I kept thinking about was that day.. the day she was born, the day she came into our life’s , the day she made everything so apparent that this is what really matters- family.

My baby is 1.. technically she’s a toddler but that’s ridiculous. She’s just turned one, surely she’s not a toddler yet!

Yesterday we had a good ol’ fashioned tea party to celebrate the big day. It was perfect. We had the morning at home opening presents and playing with them!

At noon we had the tea party at my Mum’s with Thom’s parents and my brother and his wife. It was a great idea doing something low key especially as Adeline can find a lot of strangers (especially men) quite overwhelming at the minute. So this was the best situation, she knew everyone, it was personal and intimate and really special! We then ended the day with pizza at our favourite local pizzeria- what a day!

With the amount of snot and dribble we are currently facing I think Adeline may wake up any day now with a new tooth.. typically on her bday weekends she is feeling like absolute shite, let’s be honest, she isn’t going to remember it! But does that mean you shouldn’t make a big deal? I don’t think so.. it’s marking that special day not only for your baby but also for you and your significant other. It’s everything you have achieved in that time- plus I had so much fun preparing for the tea party. I chose a theme and once the rainbow theme was apparent I couldn’t stop- there’s rainbows everywhere!!

So now I have a one year old.. I wonder what this year will bring. I’m sure a lot more challenges but still, I’ll just be figuring it out and enjoying every second doing so!

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