The aftermath of a night out with a baby…

Pre baby going out was always a BIG night out. Pre drinks was always a must and It usually started at about 3.30-4 (to be precise). Beer pong or Prosecco pong was always a must. And then the rolling in at 4am. I mean why not? I didn’t have anyone else to think about the next day.. it was usually sleep in, pj day and junk food all day. Now I wish I did it more often because it feels like that ship has sailed. Unless I’m away for a whole weekend which isn’t likely.

The new night out

The new night out starts with sorting Adeline out first! Me and the husband tag teaming usually. I still have a cheeky drink before but there’s no beer pong, or friends over for pre drinks. I often think that my non baby friends must think I’m boring as f*** now. I think I’ve just learnt the hard way! Trust me, you only know.. when you know. Hangover + Baby = HELL NO!

I’ve had a lot of birthday celebrations this month, actually not this month since January! All my besties have turned 30. So it’s been meals, nights out, lots of surprise parties- it’s been busy but super fun! And I’ve managed to be well behaved- not sure I can say the same for my husband? Anyone else know what I’m saying… the night out usually starts with a stern word to the husband that not only can i not drink loads but he can’t either, because dealing with Adeline the next day, the possibility of her waking in the night, it is a no go for both of us. Anyone else reckon that statement goes in one ear and out the other? I’m sorry but DOUBLE STANDARDS! Look at it this way.. you wouldn’t go on a night out until all hours if you had work the next day that started at 6.30 and ended 6.30pm would ya! I’m not comparing Adeline to work.. but it’s a full day of parenting. And it’s unfair to be under-par!

I’ve still had loads of fun- don’t get me wrong, I’ve popped the Prosecco, danced like I think I’m Beyoncé. And when I do go out it does take a lot of restraint to not go hard and drink copious amounts of alcohol, but I just reminded myself how horrendous it is when you’re hungover and have a baby. There is no escaping it!

If anyone has any hangover funny stories of their own or any tips on how to handle a hangover with a baby then I’d love to hear!


  1. Julie Farrar says:

    Very entertaining post as always. Made me smile 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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