2 hours off…

The Realisation

How is this happening? How has a year flown by already and it’s time for my baby to start nursery, it’s surreal!

Today is a big day in the Bone household. Adeline has had her two hours settling in session at nursery. She is currently fast asleep in her cot after what i expect has been an eventful two hours in her life. I’m not used to having any time away from Adeline so this was a huge deal for us both. Adeline will be starting nursery officially next Tuesday and will be there every Tuesday and Wednesday (and i start work next Tuesday also). I’m feeling pretty weird about it if I’m honest. I am lucky enough to have a choice wether Adeline goes to nursery or not, but as a teacher I know how amazing nursery is for a child’s development, so we are doing this for her, plus i know she will love it, if not straight away then eventually. You see writing this is like I’m justifying it to myself which helps me come to terms with it..i think.

Time Flies when you’re having fun!

People weren’t lying when they said time flies when you have a baby, because I literally can’t fathom that this time last year I was starting maternity leave and now I’m going back to work and baby A is starting Nursery- C R A Z  Y!

A good friend of mine worded it wonderfully for me today she said ; the next month will feel totally weird and probably overwhelming as it’s basically changing the ‘norm’ (which i think is pretty spot on).  No one likes that feeling of uncertainly and the unknown. But that’s life and we just have to get on and deal with it.

So i had two hours to burn until i was picking Adeline back up. Once i’d dropped Adeline off it was a sudden panic of what i was going to do in those two hours. I had to keep busy! I found myself driving to Asda & TK Max looking for a proud present for Adeline, then i had the beautician to get my nails taken off ( which took like 20min) and then i decided to go to my local coffee/lunch shop for a peaceful bite to eat! Not the usual hectic food fight I love so much.

The one thing I’ve learnt about being a Mum is how things are changing all the time, i’ve come to realise that there are so many hurdles, phases, milestones, whatever you want to call it. Once you nail one, the next one is fast approaching.

  • Phase 1 bring the baby home and realise SHIT i’m a mum-
  • Phase 2  the end of breast feeding and the baby goes into there own room
  • Phase 3  first tooth
  • Phase 4 nursery begins

By the way these are my personal made up phases.

Picking Adeline up

Nursery is only a 5 minute walk from my house and i think i set off 20 minutes early so i just walked around and around. Man it was the longest 20 mins of my life.

When i collected Adeline, she burst into tears, she was so emotional. Her key worker said she was pretty upset once she realised i left, but she had a nice play and a little lunch (not much, which isn’t like her). I’m super proud of her, she did so well for her first settling in session. She has another settling in session on Friday and then the real deal next week. I hope she learns to love it and i hope i learn to love it as well.






  1. Starting nursery is a major heartbreaking milestone. Good luck!

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