First time abroad.

I have imagined this day for many many years. Our first family holiday!

From the beginning when myself and Thom would speak about having children we would always discuss how exciting going on holidays would be. Well here we are two weeks today and we will be flying out to Paphos (Cyprus) and we are so excited! We booked this holiday over a year ago. I’m 30 in April and what better way to celebrate than a holiday with some of my favourite people- Mum, Dad, Thom and Adeline! Yippppeeeee!

The holiday purchases have begun, today I even bought suncream! So the cases have come out of the cellar, I’ve dusted them down and I have started to load them up! Adeline has the cutest holiday clothes and I literally can’t wait to see her chunky arms and legs in her dresses, shorts and T-shirts.

Things are slowly being ticked off my packing list- it’s so exciting. I love the whole process of going on holiday- from the packing to getting to the airport to the plane food (yes I’m probably the only person who loves plane food) guilty!

Now this is Adeline’s first time on a plane and the first time going on a summer holiday. We did Scotland but as a road trip, so this is new and fresh for us all.

Will we be one of those families whose baby screams all the way there? We hope not! I’ve learnt that in these situations you can’t worry about worrying because in these situations you can’t do anything about it. Adeline is only 10 months old, I can’t exactly bribe her to be good on the plane with chocolate, sweets and toys. We just have to be prepared for every possible outcome. Which I think, after extensive research… we are.

Thom has bought the lonely planet guide book and has the itinerary to go- obviously this is my husband, he loves a good plan. We are renting a car for the holidays and plan to do a bit of island exploring which will be super fun.

We figured with all of our bags, us and our parents it’s easier to get a car instead of lugging everything onto local transport!

I will be sure to let you know how it goes and look forward to blogging all about it when I get back and I’ll be sure to include any tips for those who are interested about travelling with a under 1.

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