Teething Hell

Day 2 of Teething Hell.

Seriously who’s idea was it to ensure that humans grow teeth that cause so much pain, discomfort and damn right ag to then have them all fall out and THEN for it to happen all over again?

So Adeline’s two nasty little bastard bottom teeth (sorry for the language but I feel it’s appropriate) have cut through and now she’s going through the agonising pain of them pushing through. My first thoughts;

What can I do?

◦ How can I help?

◦ How long will this last?

The first tooth came by surprise, she smashed the initial cutting, I didn’t even notice, my friend did. Now the second one is coming through and I think the pain of both is too much for her.

Back to my first thought- how can I help? Well I was prepared for this I had the whole pharmacy of teething products; Calpol ✔️, every type of teething gel ✔️ Teething powder ✔️ – none of which were working. So I asked the trusty Instagram community if anyone had any ideas.

One particular message caught my eye ‘Have you tried the Amber bracelet’ someone said. They swore by it. I have looked into these before and my best friend swears by them, she used them with both of her babes and apparently had no problems. My Husband is very sceptical, he actually called it ‘Witch Craft’- in other words he thinks it’s a load of bollocks.

After two days of watching Adeline so upset,clutching her gums, her little red cheeks and disruptive sleep, what did we have to loose? By 7pm the Amber bracelet is ordered.

A Sign From The Gods

There’s something about the afternoons with Adeline where it all goes down hill. She was beside herself,so upset,rolling around, pulling at her mouth. I didn’t know what to do, i’d tried all the gels and powders, nothing seemed to be working!

I went back to basics; off to the kitchen I went to put the extractor fan on in hope that it still works is magic like it did when she was a newborn. When Adeline was only weeks old and the witching hour was upon us, the extractor fan would always calm her down- my Dad even made an extractor fan song(very catchy). Anyway she eventually calmed and then as if it was a sign from the gods I heard the letter box rattle and the sound of a parcel hit the deck. OH MY GOD it’s the Amber bracelet (thank the lord for Amazon Prime) PERECT timing! QUICK get it on. Let the Witch Craft commence *wink*.

We are 2 hours in since the Amber bracelet has graced our lives, and I feel all the better for it. ‘It’s a placebo’ my Husband says. I don’t care what it is, if it stops my angel from crying that’s all that matters! I did say that when I’m out Saturday afternoon with the girls I’ll take the bracelet off and he can deal with the hell I have (obviously a joke, i’d never do that to Adeline). And to think these are only the bottom two. We have a long road ahead of us. Wish me luck!

If anyone has any teething stories or opinions on the Amber bracelet I would love to hear!

#teethinghell #teethingbaby #teethinghelp

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  1. Julie Farrar says:

    You’re doing great Mama Bone! 💐x

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