Whilst Adeline Naps..

I was laid holding Adeline’s hand this afternoon whilst putting her down for a nap, once she had fallen asleep I just found myself staring at her (we all do it, I’m not a creep).

In that moment I thought, I can either lay here for the next hour, have a nap or do something productive. Then I thought, I wonder how every other parent spends their ‘special’ time whilst their baby naps.

Well the smart thing to do would to catch up on house work, but that’s rubbish!

What I usually find myself doing is;

  • Staring at Adeline sleeping or sometimes join her.
  • Look through pictures and videos of Adeline.
  • Sit on my phone scrolling through social media usually adding photos of Adeline on them.
  • Online shopping for Adeline (obviously I never shop for myself anymore).
  • Research or google something baby related.
  • Catch up on TV
  • Write a blog  

Hey don’t get me wrong this isn’t the case all the time. Sometimes I prep food, make tea, do the washing and clean the house. But other times I spend 30/60 minutes zoning out. I think as parents you’re on the go all the time so sometimes to sit and do nothing is a luxury, a proper luxury!

When Adeline is awake I’m 100% focused on her, so it isn’t all bad to sometimes just sit and play around doing sweet FA when she naps is it? It is funny though because usually she only naps for 30 minutes which goes in no time and then when she wakes I’m like “Why didn’t I make myself a brew? Or lunch, or wee?”

Sometimes she will sleep for over an hour but because I’m expecting her to wake up I never start anything just in case, then I feel like I’ve wasted that time.

My absolute favourite thing to do whilst she naps is to just stroke her face, hold her hand and stare at her in awe wondering how we built something so god damn perfect. 

Todays nap time for example, she slept for an hour and a half and I probably laid with her for 20 minutes, wrote part of this blog, researched sleep schedules, read a bit of Gina Ford and looked into Baby Led Weaning food ideas.

So fellow parents how do you spend your ‘special’ time?

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