A weekend by the sea.

Well another holiday success with Baby A!

This time with both set of parents (mine and Thom’s) and Bonnie lady (our dog)!  I’m not gonna’ lie I was quite nervous. Now you’re thinking I’m talking about Adeline, maybe Bonnie?  Nope.. without going into too much detail, I didn’t know how it was going to be in terms of it being ‘full on’ with Adeline and both parents. But it was fine. There were no fights over Adeline for attention.

Friday we set off early to drive to our lodge for the long weekend in Filey. The sun was shining, Adeline was happy and napping.

We always start our journeys with a trip to the petrol station to fill the tank and get car snacks and a coffee. Then off we go to start the adventure. We were staying at a place called Dale Farm Cottage; situated in a little town close to Filey called Hunmanby. The lady who owns it has her own house attached to the cottage we stayed in and about 3 other cabins,  a tree house and an annex  for people to rent out. Well she must be absolutely rolling in it ££££££!

Back to the cottage… the rooms were huge! So spacious. Great for us to spread our copious amounts of luggage about.

Travelling with a baby you need so much stuff! Our poor BMW can’t cope with it. Plus the dog as well, poor Bonnie had to travel in my Mum and Dads car as there wasn’t any room in ours. Deffo need to re- think the car situation! We had a bathroom each which was handy,  I’ve noticed since having Adeline we get first dibs on which bedroom we get to stay in and we get the bathroom with the bath. Absolute bonus!

Every morning we tucked into an English brekkie at the cottage and Adeline sat with us in a high chair looking cute as a button.

She tried toast this weekend- which she loved! It’s so cute seeing her explore different types of food. Not so cute seeing her gag though-which I know is completely normal when you are baby led weaning. She’s only ever been used to liquids, so obviously it will be a weird sensation when you experience lumps in your mouth for the first time, it makes me gag thinking about it!

Saturday, we all decided to have a day out in Scarborough, I’ve been to Scarborough so many times, but it never gets old. I just love it! We even celebrated our first year anniversary there. I think it’s changed a lot since I was a a child.   It’s so much cleaner and nicer than it used to be. I love the cute little shops, cafes and the beach goes on for miles.

We were really lucky with the weather this day but storm Callum did join us that evening. It was glorious, warm but windy.  We firstly dabbled in the arcades, I tried to win Adeline a Teddy from the grabby machine… didn’t happen. I mean come on does anyone ever win on those things! I went in all the tacky gift shops (referring to my previous blog- I love those shops!!), and we walked along the beach for hours.

Have you ever holidayed with 6 people though? And both parents? I think it’s hard work.

Everyones different and wants to do different things and go at different paces.

You have the in-laws who want to chill in a cafe, do little walking and just be laid back and enjoy the place. Then you have my parents who are fast paced and want to get on and explore. They are go go go (like me really!) although I learn to compromise in these situations. Myself and Thom felt caught in the middle and I felt pretty awkward. We eventually made it work. Meaning my parents just naffed off all weekend and left us 4 to it..

Saturday night we all got together to go out for food. I suggested going early doors but Adeline then decided to nap until 4.30 so we ended up getting to the restaurant at 5 which is still early but for Adeline this is The Deathly Hours- we NEVER take Adeline out at this time because she struggles to stay awake past 5.30. But we thought- no come on  we are on holiday, we gotta live, she had napped for an hour so I thought let’s give it a go. Well she slept in the car again on the way and pretty much as soon as we got to the restaurant she woke up. She was so well behaved though. She sat in her pram whilst we ate, once I finished I fed her and then she joined us at the table. She was super happy and loving life. We were like .. well we can do this again! Until the car journey home. I think it literally hit her that it was past her bedtime and she should be in bed (it was only 6.30). Oh she was hysterical!!! Myself and Thom looked at each other.. ‘never again’ we said.

Sunday brought rain! So myself Thom and Baby A went to The Deep in Hull. I couldn’t wait to take Adeline to an Aquarium, it’s something I’ve been excited to do since she was born (weird I know).  Don’t ask me why! I think it’s because I’ve always loved anything under the sea. Especially Sharks- I always have since I was a babe, any shark film, documentary and I’m watching it.

I never expected Adeline at 5 months to enjoy it as much as she did. But her little face! It was like taking her to a baby sensory place. The glow from the tanks, the fishes swimming, the colours! We honestly had the best afternoon, it was ace and it ended up in the gift shop- obviously, this is me. Thom divulged into the pick and mix whilst I perused the stuffed toys  (for Adeline). She ended up picking the turtle just FYI. 

Sunday afternoon brought us into a cosy pub with a glass of prosecco with the family,  it was perfect. Adeline was her usual smily happy self! So many people always comment how happy and content she is and it makes me extremely proud that we have a massive influence on this happy beaming babe.

Monday morning we packed up the car.. AGAIN and left. We still had the whole day ahead and Thom wasn’t due back to work until the next day so we decided to go into Leeds for a bit of a shop and some food.

Perfect end to a perfect weekend with my perfect little family!  

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