The Bone’s Scottish Tour

Well my blogging everyday didn’t quite happen! What Thom had planned each day was so jam packed by the time I got back to our accommodation I was lost for words! You should see my Fitbit work week hustle I’ve absolutely smashed the steps.

I’m sat in the back of the car now with Baby A,  as she snoozes on our way back from THE best trip ever!! I mean we love going on holidays and we are lucky to have experienced some amazing places in the world. But with Adeline it was something else!

Adeline has been an absolute dream this whole trip and her little tooshy’ pegs are rumbling as well but she’s been super brave and just got on with it. I’ve been really surprised actually , I don’t know if it’s because we had such low expectations, assuming it would be harder for us to have to work around Adeline.

We are so used to going on holiday just the two of us, we don’t know any different and to be honest it was amazing and not too different, I mean the main difference was not eating out or drinking in the evening but we just made sure we had nice lunches and food in the house. I think that’s why Air b&b worked so well. A home instead of a b&b bedroom.

We went away for a short weekend when  Adeline was about 12 weeks old and it was hard/awful! So we said for Scotland we would have no expectations  and just  work around the babe, so maybe that’s why she’s been such a legend. Or maybe (most likely) because we all understand/know each other a lot more now. I could honestly continue this journey and hop on a ferry and keep going! 

So instead of discussing every little detail of the trip I think I’ll just discuss my HIGHLIGHTS. 

The drive  from  Fort William>Neptune’s staircase>Glenfinnan>Mallaig>Armadale> Fairy Pools > Heath! 

All done in one day. I’m not joking I could barely walk after this day. It was awesome though,  we would drive through some incredible scenery then stop at another beautiful attraction  – all planned by the pro husband! It was easy with Baby A as we had the right timings for each stop, so when we did stop it was to eat, feed her, fuss and play then back in the car and she would nap- ‘eat , feed, fuss’ repeat. She seemed happy and content the whole time. 

So back to my highlights, we saw some incredible sights, an epic waterfall which blew me away It was HUGE!  I think Adeline enjoyed it as well she couldn’t stop staring at it! 

We also stopped at the scariest pub called ‘The Drovers inn’- google it right now…  if you do you you can read all the stories from guests who dare stayed there. It’s Scotland’s most haunted pub. And trust me you walk in and it’s like you’ve walked through a time capsule to 300 years ago! We didn’t stay over.. or eat.. we just had a cup of tea whilst I sat there quivering in my boots. Ace to experience though, it reminded me of  one of the Shrek movies, where Shrek and the Donkey go looking for Puss in boots and they end up in that old pub and Captain Hook is playing the piano and one of the the Ugly Sisters is the barmaid, well  it was like that. Although no Captain Hook or Ugly Sister.. shame.

More highlights.. the famous Fairy Pools at the Isle of Skye,  Thom told me it was 40 min walk there and back- LIES, all LIES. He can plan a trip but his timings are all out (sorry babe).  It was in fact about 45 min there and 45 min back and it was knackering, but worth it. It wasn’t just a walk no no no..  it was like a scene out of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. The obstacles to get to the pools was ridiculous, plus we had rain, wind and scorching sun on the great climb to it. We had to wade through two rivers, jump over rocks, climb rocks, thank god the scenery was something else because it kept us going. Adeline was an absolute dream in her sling, this little girl surprised me every single day.  The look on Thom’s  face when he had to wade through a fast flowing river with baby A attached to him was priceless- pure fear. 

Next highlight: the Viaduct HARRY POTTER FANS DREAM!

Now I am a huge Harry Potter fan so this was a major highlight when Thom took us to the  Viaduct where the famous Hogwarts Express crossed in the movie on its way to Hogwarts. The walk up was magical, it wasn’t easy though.. course it wasn’t.  But the rain has stopped the sun had come out and Thom planned it so well so that the actual Hogwarts Express would cross it. It was emotional,  I’m not gonna’ lie.  We all stood there waiting patiently, the build up was intense, then the slight screech from the train line, the steam from the train slowly appearing from the top of the trees. Then there it was. The thoughtfulness that Thom put into this, planning this for me especially , it brought a tear to my eye! I swear since having Adeline I cry a lot easier.  Anyone else? 

The Bothy highlight! 

Then the finale of the day- the wee Bothy! I’ll post a link to where we stayed because if you happen to do a tour of Scotland like we did you have got to do this! We were really lucky with the weather on this day though. Although saying that we had sun, rain , cloud, wind and I feel like it didn’t really matter, it was amazing and beautiful everywhere! The Bothy was done out, it was modern but very Hygge and magical. It was our favourite accommodation of the holiday. Our own little cosy Bothy. The views, the peace and quiet. It was seriously a little Scottish dream. Adeline even decided to sit up for the first time ever and then she smashed it out the bag by then later on sitting in a high chair! Honestly she made this trip so special she doesn’t even know. Me and Thom just laugh at her constantly she’s such a funny little girl always smiling,  making little Dinosaur noises with her mouth and the constant tongue flapping. 

Bothy accommodation

City highlights: 

Glasgow and Edinburgh were both worth a visit. Edinburgh especially was beautiful! So much gritty history yet such a photogenic city. Glasgow with its graffiti and beautiful buildings. In Edinburgh I loved hearing about all the history, on our Harry Potter tour we learnt loads and I especially loved the history about the witches.

We were a little nervous about doing the Harry Potter tour (which was amazing by the way), usually Adeline is asleep by 6 and grumpy from about 5. And the tour was at 5- we booked this before she was here! But we used the sling and she was amazing. She slept for half of it and listened to the rest. Her first little potter experience- cute!

I speak for both of us when I say she’s an absolute joy to be around and was so easy going and chilled the whole time. As I said in previous posts we made sure we took her home comforts (Sleepy Head, white noise machine, books, toys and comforter) and we stuck to her routine. I think this really made an impact on how she was.  All we needed was each other and the car and off we went on the greatest adventure yet. 

Adeline’s highlights: collecting her Scottish teddy bears with matching books.    

Some photos from the trip;



  1. Isabel Metcalfe says:

    I loved this. Fabulous read. Fabulously written. Sounds like a fabulous holiday. Xx

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    1. Aw thanks babe! Love you xxxx


  2. tomsheard says:

    Loved reading this ! x


    1. Aw did ya? Thanks! X

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