The Beginning of the Scottish Road Trip.

Day 1: Glasgy’- the Husband’s 30th birthday celebrations begin!!!

Well, it was a very exciting morning to say the least. I’m one of those people who gets really excited and I show it by singing, dancing.. you know the usual. Thom – the Hubby shows it by being anxy and snappy.. it’s funny really, deep down I know he is excited but he has to get out of ‘work mode’ which usually takes a few days. My Dad’s actually the same, it’s like they get so excited they get angry.. is it a man thing? My Dad is the most intense traveller ever, until he is there, then the shoulders come down and he relaxes and loves life! Much like my Thom.

The Packing

Packing was actually easy, I did do research and I did make a list weeks ago. I have made sure that Adeline has two outfits a day, plus two onesies a day for sleeping! Lots of layers and all her nighttime comforts from home, so that it feels like home wherever we are go. I have packed the Sleepyhead, Ollie the Owl and the star gazing lights, so there’s no change in her bed time routine. I have made sure I have some toys, books and her blankets from home. And the obvious; Calpol, teething essentials (I think it’s that time already) and I even bought the snot sucker (now that’s prepared). We managed to get Adeline’s stuff in a hand-luggage case and her Trunki. Ours is in one big case, now this is good for us- well me.. I have the strong reputation for being an over packer (I must get that from my mother). Is this the new me? Maybe! I have only packed three pair of shoes- who even am I?

The Journey

The travel up was easy! Adeline slept for the first 1 hour 45 and then we stopped at a cafe which was one of Thom’s first surprises (I’m sure there will be more). It was a Llama Cafe. And there were Llamas.. I mean you’d be disappointed if there wasn’t. It was really hipster, I half expected a sheesh on every table, but instead there was just llama accessories everywhere; llama toys, llama clothes, llama hats, llama key rings, llama fridge magnets, hey my Cappuccino chocolate powder was even the stencil of a llama. It was really cool, I didn’t however pay the £5 for a llama selfie. Maybe next time?

Back to the journey- the second leg Adeline slept for the majority of the 1 hour 30. Legend! She usually hates the car and can be really upset but we made sure on our stop off we played and entertained and fed her. And then by the time she got in the car she was ready for a nap again.

We have chosen to book air b&b’s for the majority of our trip because we think it will be easier, more practical and cosy with a baby. So far so good- we are staying in an ‘Architect Apartment’ it’s so stylish and spacious. Two beds – so one bed is currently taken up by all our cases. 1 gorgeous bathroom with a bath- which Adeline has already used! Open plan kitchen, living room, dining room- I love it. We are here two nights, tomorrow is the exploring of Glasgow. We aim to see The Necropolis, the city centre- where I will photograph nothing but graffiti, Kelvin Grove Park/Museum plus the University of Glasgow where the ever so famous Cloisters from Harry Potter are. Oh and if we have time the Botanical Gardens.

Tonight is; bath, wine, chill, bed! Adeline is already fast asleep after a play in the bath. And Thom is making tea now whilst I sit and write the opening blog to our exciting week ahead!

The Plan

So our trip is consisting of;

2 nights Glasgow

1 night Fort William (via Loch Lomond & Glencoe)

2 night in Skye

1 night in Loch Ness

2 nights Edinburgh

It’s going to be amazing! I think we will probably be more tired after the holiday with what Thom has planned. He loves a good itinerary- now I am not complaining, with every place we visit he always makes amazing plans and we see and experience some amazing places because Thom always researches before. He should quit his job and become a full time travel planner – seriously. Although this time It will be different, with a baby.. let’s see how well he does on the new ‘baby friendly itinerary’.. I’ll be sure to let you know!

I plan to do a blog from every place we visit, otherwise if I do one big blog of Scotland I’ll be here all day writing and you’ll be there all day reading!

Fun fact of the day: everyone in Glasgow finishes a sentence with ‘ey’. Here’s the living room ey.. in this cupboard is the water tank ey’.. and so on. I love it ey!


  1. Yayyyy what a marvellous day!!

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    1. Here she is! She doesn’t waste her time! Xxx

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      1. I love a good read bab 🤣


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