My Childhood Home

As I drove away from my Mum and Dad’s home tonight.. my childhood home, glazed eyes, I was filled with the most amazing memories. It’s been a long time coming- my parents moving. The house has been up for over a year, but that doesn’t take away the love I have for the house and how hard it was going to be to walk away from it, for the last time- which today I did.

I am so glad that Adeline had the opportunity (even though she won’t know or remember) to experience some time there, which means a lot to us as a family. Hell my waters even broke there!

I sat there tonight with my parents and the empty shell that is/was our home (I say ours because even though I have my own house now it still feels like a part of me) we started discussing memories and things that we remember that happened in the house. I even went room by room to say bye and relive a memory (yes very sad) but it was a nice thing to do and I think it will help me let go- I mean I’ll never forget that house and I’ll probably still go on auto pilot and drive to it, but it’s time to move on.

My first memory was when I was 2 and a half years old and I used to come home from nursery and sit with a toasted tea cake and watch Jungle Book or Little Mermaid in front of the tv with my Ma.

I also remember when my Mum and Dad used to host mine and my brother’s birthday parties there in our conservatory. It was ace, they used to set up loads of tables up with yummy party foods. And let’s be honest the parties didn’t stop there! My parents always encouraged me to have friends over (I think they preferred the mischief to happen under their roof). I had so many birthday sleep overs where I was allowed… estimating here.. but maybe 9 friends over to sleep, we would sleep in the living room lined up like little sausage rolls. We would get one horror movie and then finish with a comedy.

My Dad also used to take Halloween pretty seriously. I remember one day after school we came home to a pitch black house, only a dim light from the flickering candles, blood (tomato ketchup) all over the walls down the hallway that led into our living room where my Dad was sat (a scary monster in my eyes as a child) with a scary mask and a white cloak – it was terrifying!!!!

They also used to host a children’s Halloween party for me and my friends, I remember the apple bobbing and various other games. Honestly my friends loved coming over and spending time at our house, from a young age right up until being adults!

So many parties; garden parties, New Year’s Eve parties, general house parties, party party parties!

Christmas was always a special one growing up in our house. It was always made so special and exciting and such a big build up! It’s no wonder it’s still today such a big deal to me. I can’t wait to make a big show of it for Adeline just like my parents did for me and my brother. I’d always wake up at 2am excited and run downstairs.. the letter from Santa, the sacks full of presents. We would just spend all morning opening and enjoying the gifts. Those were the best times!

Even bed time was made to be a nice experience as well. None of this ‘I don’t want to go to bed’ and never any tears. We had bath time until I went prawny and wanted to get out , followed by playing with my dolls house, then story time then solo reading or straight to sleep.

Wow my parents made everything so special, just now as I relive it all, I’m realising how magical my childhood was.

I look up to my parents so much, they are both incredible and truly the best parents ever. I’ve always felt like I could tell them absolutely anything, even if it meant be getting into trouble. I have always loved spending time with them, even more so now! I hope to be everything they were/are for Adeline and any future babies we have. They made home feel like the safest/ funnest place on earth. In consequence I never wanted to leave! What ever happened between those 4 walls was special and ours to treasure forever. I think that’s why it’s so hard to let the house go. But we are letting it go.. to another family, with children. I just hope they can make amazing memories just like we have.

Those were the best memories and the best times. Home is truly where the heart is and I can’t wait to watch baby Adeline grow up enjoying my parents’ new place. And for us to all make new special memories and traditions.

Goodbye Sunnybank Crescent you’ve been a blast.

Our amazing house that my Daddy built for us all.


  1. Tom says:

    LOVED THIS. So many memories there myself.

    Great read! Means so much to us all. I found it hard when my parents sold, but… you soon realise that it’s the people that made the memories using the house to make them in.

    Lovely read xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thanks Tommy!!! 🤩. X


  2. Isabel Metcalfe says:

    Well this made me fill up!! Bye bye Sunny Bank!! Ace memories of a fabulous house. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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