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Bit of a random post really, but I was inspired last week to get crafty and create Adeline the perfect playroom. So I thought why not let you in on what I’ve been up to!

The importance of a playroom to me

When I was younger I remember loving my playroom, it was somewhere I went where all my toys were and where I could take myself away to and spend hours in there playing. I obviously don’t remember when I was tiny young, but I used it from being baby (so my mum tells me) right up until leaving primary school (I’m estimating here). Anyway, I want to create something similar for Adeline.

Here are some of my favourite quotes about play-

At the minute all of Adeline’s toys are scattered around our living room, which I don’t really want, not only for our sake but for hers! I want her to be able to have somewhere just for her, where she can play and explore through play. I want her to be able to have a place to go and play with her friends just like when I was younger- a special place. Not only for her friends and herself but I also think it’s really important for parents to play with their children so I want to be able to do this in her special place where we can enjoy playtime together, completely separate to any other room in the house.

In our terrace house we have a 3rd floor where Adeline’s nursery is and next to it is a spare room which hasn’t really been doing anything. It’s been a junk room and an office (which we never used), so I thought PERFECT place for baby A to have as her own little place to play!

The plan

I’m thinking colourful! And lots of animal related decorations. Her nursery is grey & white with hints of pink here and there, so I want her playroom to be bright, colourful and playful- kind of the opposite to where she sleeps.

I’ve been looking on Pinterest for some cool ideas and also some ideas on making sensory toys to stimulate her little mind.

My husband has a week off, so I thought it was the perfect time to get cracking or should I say get crafting!

My husband actually said to me when I was showing him some ideas (and suggesting I go over to Hobby Craft to pick up some supplies) ” oh oh you’re obsessing!’ – so what if I get an idea and obsess over it until it’s done- it’s my thing! Not a bad quality I say… (Not sure Thom would agree).

My idea actually came from when I took Adeline to a place called Wiggle Play in the week, they had a ‘sensory room’, which she absolutely loved. There were lots of bright colourful toys, hanging decor, crazy colourful lights, a ball pool and bean bags everywhere. It was like heaven for babies. So a lot of my inspiration is coming from there- seeing as she loved it so much.

As I was scrolling through Pinterest looking for my first craft project I came across this cool hanging decor (not sure of the actual name), but I used it before in a sensory class and she seemed engrossed with it, so I decided to create my own version to stick on the ceiling where it will hang down; it also kind of looks like a jelly fish as well.

I bought all my crafts from Hobby Craft; ribbon, foam ring, acrylic paint and paint brushes.

Ta da! That was my Saturday night- #mumlife. Pretty proud of that! And after cutting the ribbon I have enough to make another one- bonus!

Next idea was to brighten up the beams that we have upstairs. I had an idea for bunting but then saw these cool colourful tassle garlands. They came as flat pieces of tissue paper which you had to basically fold, roll, scrunch and tie a band around it then loop the ribbon through it for hanging.

Next: I got some super colourful bunting from Ebay- only £1.99 to brighten up the back wall without having to get the paint brushes out.

Now I have this book shelf which I can’t get away from, so I have decided to decorate it with photos of us and some stuffed animals. I am also going to buy some small storage boxes (fancy ones) and use them to put some toys in! I realise these frames will be a hazard when Adeline starts to grab so I had an idea to put them on the wall above the shelf.

Next are my mirrored hand prints which were a lot smaller then I thought but I stuck them up anyway! I might buy a few more and put them around the room as I think they are really sweet.

Today was a trip to Argos for the ball pit & balls because she absolutely loved this at Wiggle Play. Still sticking with the animal theme as well and I thought this was perfect (bit of zebra going on)!

Look at her- she’s loving it!

What’s next?

Well I’m glad you asked, I have ordered;

  • More toys
  • A bean bag
  • Animal wall sticker
  • Foam floor
  • Photographs of us with baby A
  • Assemble my old dolls house (this can wait till she’s older though)

I am so excited to get the floor and wall sticker as I think it will make a massive difference. So there we have it really!

Here is what I have come up with in just a few days!

I can’t wait to have a proper play with Baby A when it’s finished. It brings me so much joy making and creating things for Adeline that I know she will love.

#craftymum #crafts

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