Growth Spurts.

Growth spurts are nasty & clever little buggers, that come and go through the whole of your baby’s life.

Obviously they are marvellous things- it’s your baby’s milestones developing, but what they do to your baby’s moods is testing for any parent.

Adeline is 15 weeks today! I was just trying to put her down for a nap, so I could get on with the mountain of housework I have to do. Well it resulted in tears and a lot of them. Why? She usually goes down?-It’s the sign of the growth spurt or as they call it a ‘leap’. So instead of housework I’m now laid with Adeline in my arms and it prompted me to write this blog.

The Wonder Weeks

I just want to show you what the App says about Adeline’s development this week so you can understand my situation a little more.

The Fourth Leap

This is a giant leap. Adeline is now able to perceive events. Until now, she could only perceive one smooth transition at a time.

While making this leap, you will also notice that:

The signs:

• Your baby’s head has to be supported again more often.

• She asks for and almost claims more attention. (YES)

• She has firm mood swings. (OH YES)

• She wants more body contact during feedings. (not sure how you can get any closer?)

• She seems to lack her usual “spunk” or seems absent. (Often)

As your baby’s leaps become more intense for her, you will find that it becomes more difficult for you as well. It is normal that you will be more annoyed with her whining behavior, and you may sometimes feel as though you have had enough and, occasionally, find yourself desperate for her to hurry through these behaviors. You are not alone. In fact, these parental feelings are signals that your baby is going through a leap. While a leap is not easy on you or your baby, it will be over soon. Take a deep breath, and count to 10 – it really helps!

So here I am taking that deep breath.. in.. and out…. in…. and out…

The last two nights (not including last night) were what I class as ‘bad nights’ (not settling, crying, up every few hours) WHAT IS GOING ON I said to my husband. Usually she is quite good on a night (gets up once for a feed) so this caught me off guard. Even in the morning she wasn’t her usual sprightly self, she was so grumpy I literally couldn’t even put her down to pee or put my socks on. #mumlife

I decided to pop her in the pram and take her out for an early stroll. I spoke to my Mum who (as she always does) calmed me right down (but first a few tears from me).

The plan was to go to York that day with my Dad and I was upset that I’d had a bad night and was filled with fear that she wouldn’t be herself all day. Anyway my dad ended up meeting me in the little French cafe we go to and instantly made me feel better.

When I moan to my Dad he has a habit of making out like things aren’t a big deal.. so there I was explaining my terrible night and morning and he responds with ‘She’s a baby it’s what they do’. Instantly I felt better! I didn’t need sympathy, I needed the bluntness and the fact that yes, she is a baby, there isn’t anything wrong with her, I’m not doing anything wrong, it’s what they do! So off to York we went (and had the best day ever by the way).

Anyway I’m here today writing this because I have washing up to here (pointing over my head) and wet washing in a basket waiting to be hung up, the milk left out in the kitchen (my fridge is in the cellar), and pots left on the kitchen side. Basically my house looks like a S@“! hole.

All Adeline wants is to be held and nap on me so that’s what I’ll do. I’ll give her all the love and attention she needs.

Growth spurts must also be pretty scary for them as well as us, they want us even more and that’s what I have to do, to keep remembering that it’s only a phase and my baby is growing. The housework can wait (until my husband is home and I’ll make him do it 😉 ).

So to conclude I have a few words for myself;

To me: enjoy these moments they don’t last forever, treasure your angry little baby and wipe her tears away with love.


  1. When you’re in the thick of these ‘phases’ then sometimes it’s hard to see through the fog of exhaustion and self questioning…why is this happening, what am I doing wrong? But, honestly it does pass and everything will settle again until the next one 😂 I can just about remember crying in the shower, but it’s all faded into insignificance now and I’ve gone through it twice!! Stepping back, laughing at the state of your surroundings and wondering how on earth this tiny person can cause so much disruption gets you through, that, and cake!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thank you! It’s so true.. you wonder how you get through it but every phase is a new challenge and my god do you feel proud when you get through it! X


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