First date night

Date night date night! (Is what we kept singing all day Friday to each other). Anyone would of thought we don’t get out much..

On Thursday I decided we both deserved a date night, as we haven’t done this yet since baby A. I asked my mum (Grandma Ju) if she would come over Friday night to look after Adeline so we could go out for a nice meal and drinks.

We were both so excited as pre baby we would always enjoy a meal out.

With Adeline settled down at 6.30pm fast asleep myself and Thom got ready for our date. I was so giddy. Just to have a handbag and not a baby bag was a treat and strangely odd!

The babysitters arrived and off we went.

Now I’m not going to lie I was a tad nervous just because I haven’t left her before. Why is it the men never seem to get nervous? Well in my case Thom didn’t seem nervous to be leaving her, just me!

I booked our meal for 8pm at a Mediterranean restaurant that we both hadn’t tried before and wanted to. Drinks first though!

I was driving because I’m exclusively breastfeeding and I can’t risk expressing and giving her a bottle when madam Adeline doesn’t always take to the bottle.

So off we go hand in hand (again unusual because it’s usually Adeline in hand). First stop drinks; I was allowing myself two glasses of prosecco and my god were they good. It’s so weird how before a baby you totally take advantage of those times when you are alone together and then when you are together you realise how special it is. I’m not joking it felt like our first date again! I even felt odd standing in a busy bar surrounded by people drinking.

Then off we went for our food. Now I’m not going to talk you through the menu and the meal but it was delicious. Funny though Thom did keep pointing out how much I was yawning (not because he was a boring date), probably because I’d relaxed and well.. I’m tired!

Back to the meal..I felt like we were on holiday! It was such a buzzy atmosphere and we were laughing, talking about life and of course baby A may have came into conversation a few times.

Then came the funny part- back in the car we put the music on super loud (again something else you can’t do when you have a baby on board) and we drove around for half an hour (because don’t you remember ever doing that?) singing dancing and acting like pratts. Honestly it was so funny & special!

As we pulled up outside our house we had a smooch and back into our perfect little home with our perfect little family.

We both felt re-energised and closer from just a few hours alone together. I can’t wait for the next date night. Oh and Adeline slept the whole time so the baby sitters had it easy!

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