Feel good Friday- over coming obstacles.

Let me paint a picture for you. Torrential rain outside, a cosy french coffee shop, the smell of coffee and fresh pastries. A man on my left sat alone with his newspaper and coffee, a couple to my right maybe an elderly mother and her daughter discussing holidays (actually the elderly mother is going on her cruise- and she’s a little apprehensive- but excited!), the twinkle of French music and there’s me with a hot coffee and a tuna and cheese panini with baby A next to me snoozing in the pram.

I didn’t plan on sitting in as it was busy and it’s only a small place. That shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is to me. See I can sometimes get a bit anxious in these situations, even before I had Adeline. Things that go through my head in busy places: what if baby A kicks off? what if I have to feed her, will people look at me when I start breast feeding, am I annoying with this big pram taking up a lot of room? It’s ridiculous I know.

So I was about to leave and it was like it was meant to be – the rain starting coming down heavily! The elderly mother said to me “You can’t go out in that love , sit down and enjoy your coffee!” And I am- (right now)- I’m sat here with my coffee and panini and a cheeky chocolate muffin for pudding!

Adeline was awake when we first came in but she then drifted off to sleep. I feel like the old me! Sat here shoulders relaxed, eating with two hands. Hello Friday feeling!

It’s a big deal for me and I’m really proud of myself;busy cafe on my own, with a baby TICK!

Short and sweet blog, but I just wanted to be one of those people who sits and writes a blog in a cafe (just like in the movies).

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  1. This one made me chuckle!! You go Mama xxxx

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