Money well spent

What will I need?

When I knew we were having a baby, I did think ; what do we need to get? How much will it all cost and where the heck are we going to put it all.

Our house is an old terrace build, you walk through the front door and you’re greeted with a sweet little living room and kitchen on your left. I love our home it’s very Hygge and it’s been great (with just 2 of us living in it and a dog) but 3 of us! Well our guest bedroom was no longer for guests it would be Adeline’s nursery and our living room will no longer be tidy it will be taken over by toys.

So you read up about all the necessary equipment & toys you will need for a baby and what the ‘must haves’ are. I did some research and scrolled Amazon daily and of course took advice from my friends who have had babies.

I’m not going to list everything I’ve bought because that would be pointless, but I am going to go through the things I bought that i have found the most useful, helpful and money well spent.

The Gold, Silver and Bronze

Gold: winner winners!

Ok here we go the gold awards ( in my opinion) remember all babies are different and respond differently to different things.

Number 1 is the Swaddle- Swaddle link This has been incredible from day 1. I use it for nap times and night time- I even used it when Adeline is super fussy it always calms her down.

Why is the swaddle so good? Well If i put her down for a nap without the swaddle she won’t sleep, she’s too busy scratching her face or waking herself up with her jerky reflexes. The tightness and the feeling of being safe back in the womb seems to make it work so well

Number 2 – is the Sleepy Head- Sleepy Head Link

Now I only purchased one of these recently. I kept saying to Thom at the beginning when Adeline wasn’t even born let’s get one but Thom said “We won’t need it, we have enough”. Well I waited and waited and when Adeline hit 12 weeks old and was still waking up a lot in the night, I did it, I took the plunge and bought it- although I did get mine from Ebay second hand for £70 instead of new £130-200. Well since I got it she only wakes up once in the night for a feed (again that feeling of closeness when she’s sleeping).

Another reason it’s so good: it’s portable so you can take it everywhere with you!

Number 3- Ollie the owl Ollie the owl link

Ace present gifted from my best friend, he plays white noise, nursery rhymes, rain forest and a heart beat. He also has a night light on him, this is used when I feed her in the night- it’s a really nice subtle glow. Ollie the owl works using a timer so when Adeline moves he turns on and plays whatever sound you’ve picked – in our case it’s white noise.

Number 4 – the baby sling/baby carrier Sling link

Another lifesaver the sling! Used religiously in the early days- newborn-12 weeks around the house, I do still use it in the house but Adeline’s a little bit more confident about being on her own (although saying that I did make flapjacks the other day with her in the sling.)

I also use it to settle her- it has always calmed her right down, so to me it’s been an absolute saviour- plus its great for bonding and for the partners to use as well.

Baby carrier number 2Bjorn baby carrier

My other baby carrier is amazing for using out of the house and she can go front and back! She loves it.

Number 5- The Snuz pod

I didn’t even get one until I was almost about to pop , Thom kept saying ‘Won’t it be easier when feeding in the night.’ Oh how right he was. We didn’t buy it brand new, I think they are around £300 new I got ours second hand for £50! Yep £50! It’s amazing what Facebook market place can do. Anyway it’s amazing especially for those Breastfeeding mamas and a safe way to co-sleep.

Number 6- Spotify baby playlists

I’ve always had a Spotify account because I’m obsessed with music, but wow what a godsend for baby music. I have baby sleep music, baby bathtime music, nap time music , Adeline’s personal chilled playlist, story time and nursery rhymes!

Number 7- more of an essential but these breast pads (Best breast pads). From boots, Asda or Sainsbury’s. Trust me they are the only ones that don’t leak through!

Number 8- Extra large muslin

This I use as a discrete feeding cover up. It’s better than the small Muslins which Adeline will sometimes kick or hit off me resulting in me flashing a cheeky nip!

In silver place we have…

Number 1: A decent baby monitor

We have a Motorola baby monitor with a camera and separate screen that you leave downstairs or wherever you are away from your baby. It also has an app so you can watch via your phone. Very clear screen. Worth the price I say!

Number 2: Jumperoo

Newly introduced from 12 weeks the Rain Forest Jumperoo, I got mine second-hand and it’s brilliant! Adeline loves it and I can even leave the room and make a cuppa tea or my brekkie and she will happily bounce around in it. Plus it’s amazing for baby sensory!Warning: it takes up a lot of room!

Number 3: Baby Bath

This baby bath is ace! Yes course you can just put your babe in your own bath but Adeline doesn’t like it, I think it’s the big space she feels she has too much room and wants to be more compact. So this bath works perfectly. It has a little ramp in it where her legs go over it so she can sit in it safely without needing to be held up. Big winner for us!

Number 4: Feeding pillow

This feeding pillow is brilliant! Best £6.00 I’ve spent at Asda, not only did I use it for a feeding pillow but I used it to sit and lay Adeline in and even on a night when I feed her I use it to sit up in bed with. (I also sometimes catch Thom laying on it!)

Number 5: Toy box

Where do all the toys go? On your living room floor? Well ye, In the day they do but when Adeline is upstairs and in bed for the night it’s so therapeutical to tidy up all her bits and bobs into her toy box. We were gifted this and it’s been amazing it’s from a website called ‘my first years’ it’s a personalised material one it’s so cute.

Bronze- the smaller items

Number 1- Milton dummy steriliser

A few people have asked me “What is that?” And it’s simple- it’s a dummy steriliser. Instantly sterilises the dummy so when you or the baby drop the dummy no worry sterilise on the go! (And trust me I’m always dropping it).

Number 2- Baby backpack

This bag is totally on trend and ‘Daddy proofed’ it’s stylish and Thom likes that it isn’t a ‘typical’ baby bag, it’s more like a backpack. Lots of pockets, cooling storage (for bottles) and it’s comfortable to wear. Myself and all of my other mum friends have one. (I totally copied them)

Number 3- Baby sun shade

Now I only purchased one of these the other week , with all this glorious weather that we are having at the moment- it’s a must have! I tried the parasol which just fell down or went inside out when I walked. So this literally slides onto your pram or stroller- in my case pram and it fits all sizes and protects them from the sun- genius! It’s also breathable and has uv protection.

Number 4- Baby car mirror

Sounds like an obvious one but seriously the amount of times I’m driving and I look in the mirror to check Adeline is ok. It also keeps your mind at rest and makes those car journeys a lot more relaxing. And who doesn’t want to see their little babies cute face every two mins (I do!)

Number 5- Digital baby thermometer

Not necessary, as you can do it old school (by dipping your elbow in the water) but I’m so paranoid about burning her little skin and it’s a good price and works in seconds -bath time made safe! It also doubles up as a body thermometer as well so even if you weren’t bothered about using it for the water it’s good for the body at least.

Number 6- Aveeno

Amazing cream for your babies skin- I’ve been using it to keep Adeline’s cradle cap at bay- touchwood so far so good. I also used it on her baby acne which she got when she was super tiny.

Well there we have it! Bronze, Silver and Gold!

I hope some of you find it useful.

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