My postpartum body

Left picture: 2 days after giving birth     Right picture: Today!   

The best I’d ever looked!

I can now confidently say I was the best I’d ever looked pre- pregnancy and had worked really hard for about a year trying to get my body in shape for the big day (our wedding)!  I can confidently say that now because all I ever did was complain about the way I looked. “My belly is fat”, “My backs fat”.. If I could go back to the pre pregnancy me I’d look at myself in the eye and say “you silly silly silly girl” and shake my head dramatically. What I’d do to be just like that again.

To be honest I always imagined I’d gain a tonne of weight during pregnancy and I’d really struggle with losing the weight, but I only gained 2.5 stone overall and after a week postpartum a stone and some basically dropped off me.

I’m now 13 weeks postpartum and I’m 7lb off my pre pregnancy weight! Feeling pretty smug at the moment. Although when I look down my tummy still has a dozen rolls.

How to get back on track.

Let’s be honest with a new baby you never stop moving- well apart from the days when they feed and sleep on you constantly. Saying this I introduced a baby sling with Adeline so I wasn’t going stir crazy at home and it meant I was flexible to sort the house and go out for some fresh air.

I aim to get out at least once /twice a day, it helps that I have a dog for the motivation to get out and babies love fresh air!

Tip: buy a dog

My steps into fitness & health

I don’t have time to start cooking meals and neither does my hubby after he’s finished work. So we order food via a website called ‘Cook’ in Harrogate. It’s ready made , bang in the microwave , homemade meals using natural ingredients. No added sugar, salt etc- Just like you’d make it at home. They have loads of different meal options even a new mum starter pack! I’ve been getting the calorie control meals and carb cutting meals so these have been a great success with the weight loss. ( I only found out about ‘Cooks’ meals when someone generously gifted us a two week supply of frozen meals).

I’m also doing a calorie control ‘diet’ it isn’t a diet, I hate that word! Basically I work out how many calories I’m allowed based on my weight and it tells me how many macros I’m allowed in a day. This way I have a plan and stick to it by using ‘My Fitness pal app‘ to help. I weigh myself every day and at the end of the week work out the average and that’s my weight loss for the week (This works because your weight fluctuates every day so it works it out fairly). If you do this and stick to it you’re meant to lose 1lb a week- which so far so good!

I rejoined the gym 4 weeks ago, although I am only managing to go once a week at the moment- it’s better then nothing! I have to be super careful with my body as all postpartum mamas have to be. Everything is still so soft and as I had such a problematic pelvis during pregnancy I have to be extra careful. So it’s mostly cardio and upper body weights- but hey, it feels great to be back!!

Things I like to eat

Because I’m breastfeeding I want to make sure I’m eating lots of healthy nutritious food for my little babe.

Brekkie: Porridge – apparently oats are amazing for your milk.

Lunch: Bagels with smoked salmon and avocado, chicken and rice or jacket potato with tuna.

Dinner: one of my ‘cook’ meals with Lots of veg.

Snacks: fruit, yoghurts, nuts and seeds and protein shakes and bars.

Must haves: dark chocolate

I just want to stress that I know I’ve just had a baby and Adeline is all I care about in the world, not ‘what I look like’ as it may seem that way. I do all of this to feel good about myself, so I am a happy and healthy Mama. If I eat rubbish I feel rubbish! So it’s all about having a positive & happy mind. If I eat good and exercise, well I feel good (not necessarily look good) , but I feel like I do just from doing the above!

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