Bun in the oven


On the 26th August 2017 I found out I was pregnant.. 4 weeks to be precise. I had just had a crazy bank holiday weekend with two weddings and felt tired, sick and bloated the whole time.. makes sense now!

I remember coming home from London and saying to Thom “Maybe I should take a test?”, but seeing as we had only started trying a few weeks before and knowing ‘it could take years’ I wasn’t sure if there was any point.

Anyway my best friend had given me some of her spare pregnancy tests from when she was trying so I thought why not, I’ll just do it. 4 tests down and a trip to boots for a clear blue and we were confident we were having a baby!

That moment when I showed Thom the test, I will never forget the look on his face, it was a mixture of shear fear and excitement… oh and are you kidding me you said ‘it could take a year!’

The next 9 months seemed to drag on for what felt like a life time. And waiting until you could tell people was even harder- I’ll never forget that first 12 weeks. The worry for any pregnant woman is knowing if everything is going to be ok. We ended up paying for an early scan just so we could see if the little pea was in there and make ourselves less worried.

“You’re pregnancy is going so fast!” Why is it everyone says that? Trust me when you’re pregnant all it seems to do is drag. I remember constantly saying to Thom that I felt like I’d been pregnant forever.

Now I’m not afraid to admit that I wasn’t a fan of pregnancy.. ok I hated it. Ok hate is probably a strong word. Disliked it? And I know that seems like a horrible thing to say because some people really struggle to conceive and then there are people who can’t. But this is my blog and I said I was going to be honest so here I go..

Why pregnancy sucked for me?

If there was a symptom I had it. It’s so bloody hard! The hormones- happy one minute crying the next, the aches & pains , the back ache, the falling asleep as soon as you stop. For me it was the sickness, I’m not joking I was pretty much sick throughout the whole thing. And I don’t mean just morning I mean all day, all night and even during labour AND birth (but we will get to that) the sickness never ended. The only bonus to that was I never gained the extra chub! I basically went off most foods and became a vegetarian.

Tips on sickness: eat as soon as you wake up & cold lemon water. They are the only two things that really made the tiniest bit of difference. But I tried it all; Ginger biscuits, peppermint tea you name it.

Second hardest part of being pregnant the SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction). If someone had told me that during pregnancy I would be in a wheelchair and need crutches I’d of laughed, but no it happened. The pain was horrendous probably the worst part of it all. I will never ever forget the support from Thom and my parents throughout that time. I was off sick with work for 8 weeks and I never even got to say bye to my work pals because, I went straight into maternity leave (at least I was well rested).

Best bit about being pregnant. THE BUMP . I loved having a bump! I mean I’d gone from being paranoid about looking fat to enjoying the enormity of my belly. I would always be upset if someone said “oh your bumps small’ I always felt like.. that’s my bump.. it’s personal to me.. please don’t comment wether it’s too small or too big for that matter. It’s mine and it’s perfect .. and it was.

If it wasn’t for my family, my incredible husband and even Bonnie (my dog) and knowing we were having a baby girl I don’t know how I would have got through it. I honestly sometimes felt like an absolute failure at being pregnant, like I couldn’t do it.

Some of my friends have had babies before me and I kept saying to them “I don’t remember you saying how hard it was”. I feel like you never really understand what a woman goes through when they are pregnant until you do it! It really is so hard (here comes the cliche comment you hear all mums say) but yes it’s SO worth it!

So my next blog post will be all about the birth. The roller coaster 3 days we had delivering the little drama queen.

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